02Women Will
by Google

CASE STUDY #1Full rebrand

Introducing Women Will: Empowering Women through Digital Skills and Community Building.

Women Will is a Grow with Google program supporting women’s potential through digital skills and community building. At the heart of the Women Will program lies a vision of empowering women, nurturing their potential, and fostering a strong sense of community.

As the Design Lead for the initiative, I had the privilege of shaping the visual identity and make it resonate with the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity.

My first task was to establish the brand of this new initiative born in Japan, as well as a solid playbook for further implementation.

Staying away from the stereotypical pink and blue model, we picked two clearly clashing colours, that could blend at times to form a third intermediary colour.

Make Work Work, an event by Women Will

My involvement extended to the comprehensive revamp of the program, beginning with the development of a playbook. 

Subsequently, I curated a diverse collection of assets for specific community moments, (such as International Women's Day and WW Entrepreneurship Day), crafted a calendar raising awareness about the gender pay gap, designed a collection of gif stickers for everyone to use, collaborated with talented artists, and much more. 

Additionally, I spearheaded long-term initiatives, including the creation of a brand-new website for online resources.

Women Will website (WWW)

GIF sticker collaboration with Tokyo-based illustrator Yeka Haski
Collaboration with the Google Primer team

Malala Yousafzai at a Women Will event
Visualising the pay gap with Women Will 2022 calendar

CASE STUDY #2The Divide / Data Explorer

In a 2017 Google study about the gender in Asia Pacific, we uncovered data about the way we think we live, and how we actually do - at work and at home.

This tool allows you to explore the study, customize the statistics, and share the facts.

Our objective: tell stories and create experiences that exemplify Google's value and commitment by showing data-driven thought leadership.

The Divide by Women Will 

CASE STUDY #4Instagram channel

After the #MeToo movement, Women Will debuted an Instagram channel to share its take on current events with content focused on inspiration, insights, and creating community.

As the program’s Art director, I oversaw the creation of hundreds of posts, reels, and beautiful collaborations for over two years, organically gathering a large community of 50k+ followers.

Women Will - Thank You Sizzle

In 2019, Women Will had already trained 10.65 million women globally and we’ve officially extended our online and in-person trainings to a total of 44 countries. 

In Japan, Women Will for Startups held the first-ever event at the newly launched Google for Startups Campus in Tokyo. 

In India, we announced the Internet Saathi expansion to Punjab and Odisha expanding the coverage to 290,000 villages in 20 states, benefitting 30 million women. 
In Latin America, 19,000 women across Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico have been trained in digital and soft skills, helping them create their own economic opportunities through starting new businesses or getting new jobs. 

In Belgium, over 1,200 women were trained in the first ever Women Will Summit in Brussels which included workshops, keynotes and panel chats with female CEOs, founders, and influencers.
Women Will: The Divide (2019)

  • Shortys, Data Visualization, Winner
  • Ad Stars, Gender Equality, Finalist 
  • Campaign Asia, The Work, Work for Good | Data Visualisation 
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