05Brand identity 

Yama Yama

Yama Yama is a brand that creates fair fashion and design, and celebrates the beauty in nature. The visual language borrows organic shapes from nature, for a peaceful-looking universe.

Bolo  / Read Along by Google

Read Along is a free reading app for Android that helps kids learn to read independently, with the help of a reading assistant, Diya. It uses speech-based technology to provide personalized assistance in a student’s reading journey, correcting them when they need help and encouraging them when they get it right.

The app was first released as Bolo in India in 2019, and released globally as Read Along the following year
It was launched in 180 countries and 9 languages.
Over the past three years, more than 30 million kids have read more than 120 million stories on Read Along.

I got involved in the project for the launch as Bolo first, and then for a visual revamp of the overall art direction, visual identity, website, motion, and app UX/UI

Art direction: JM
Illustration: Jérôme Sénaillat
Animation: Thibaud Gayral


      • D&AD Impact, Shortlist 
      • AdStars, Finalist


      Google Play All Stars

      Google Play is the premier gaming platform for gamers and developers. In 2018, we are bringing Google Play to the huge gaming conference, G•Star in Busan, Korea. Our event will make every gamer feel welcomed and celebrated. Everyone is a star. All Stars.

      In just one weekend we racked up 5.9M social impressions / 1.9M organic user reach / 300% increase of Google Play subscribers / 100+ press headlines across the region / 15,000 visitors to Google Play booth!

      Google Play All Star at GStar Busan 

      Art direction: Jihye Lee, JM

      Red Bull event identities

      In a six-year partnership, I guided Red Bull's entry into the Japanese market, crafting a narrative of design innovation and cultural resonance. From the inception, we seamlessly blended global brand identity with local nuances, navigating challenges through collaborative problem-solving.

      Milestone campaigns, adaptive design evolution, and a results-driven approach defined our journey, leaving an indelible mark on Red Bull's success in Japan. Grateful for the experience, I carry forward the lessons learned, ready for new design horizons."


      A collection of events and their visual identities meticulously crafted for Heineken, during a few years of collaboration.

      The Heineken Star Cab is a London taxi converted into a party machine riding on the streets of Tokyo. Both the well-known sign and out-of-focus city lights are featured in the logo I created.

      For the launch of their new K2 bottle in Japan, Heineken Japan wished to create a temporary lounge bar where various events would be taking place. In the heart of Harajuku, a building on borrowed time became the set of the outdoor / indoor lounge bar. Over five weeks, it hosted music & sport events, as well as various talks.

      The Universal Menu

      Upon landing in Japan, and well before Google Translate even existed, I developed this graphical menu tool, with the goal to make ordering in restaurants easier, until my Japanese reached a good enough level. 

      The tool listed all options usually available on a Japanese menu, and was sorted by categories to quickly browse through the whole lot of pictograms, and quickly order the food i so much craved.

      My v.2 of the menu was built off a very limited set of geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square, diamond). I loved rising to the challenge of coming up with this whole new set of icons using only a restricted amount of building blocks.

      Creative Collective

      An exploration in branding for a series of high-level reflexions about creativity and innovation.

      Imagery spans from abstract visuals to familiar and personable characters, evoking a sense of limitless creativity. The logo is kept purposefully minimal, so to cater to all yet unknown upcoming visuals.

      From printed materials to immersive digital experiences, the design identity adapts seamlessly, promising an enriching visual journey that mirrors the depth and diversity of creative exploration.

      julien.tokyo MMXXIV