Google Japan office interior revamp
Tokyo, Japan

In 2019, Google Japan relocated their Japanese head office to a new 35-storey office tower near Shibuya Station. I was consulted as creative to work on some interior elements within the office. 

Faithful to Google's mission to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful, the various installations considered would take the pulse of Shibuya and turn data into beautiful collaborations with local developers and artists.

In front of the office, we also created a giant screen to share Google's magic with the world, featuring installations renewed seasonally. Multiple methods were considered to match creative goals and budget.

Google Japan office
Living History Mural

Tokyo, Japan

We created a mural for the Shibuya Stream office that uses Google Lens to bring the story of Google Japan to life for visitors and employees.

Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you're looking at and use that information to copy or translate text, identify plants and animals, explore locales or menus, discover products, find visually similar images, and take other useful actions.

So, when you hold up your device an AR layer can appear to help you understand something at a deeper level. We made that layer a living, animated timeline of our story in Japan.

Five moments of the history of Google can get activated.

Red Bull
Bars & clubs collab

Tokyo, Japan

In a world where energy meets ambiance, I created the bespoke interior designs, installations, and DJ booths for Red Bull in multiple clubs around London. Each venue is now a vibrant reflection of the Red Bull spirit. These unique bar interiors are a celebration of innovation, seamlessly blending style with the unmistakable energy that defines the Red Bull lifestyle.

Creative: JM, Yasuko Furuta
Art direction: JM
Photos: Fumiro Sato

Disco backdrop @Liquid Room

Anamorphosis @ Eleven (ex Yellow); a grand total of 4776 hand-drawn dots!

Maison de l’Étudiant signage
Lyon, France

The newly-constructed building is home to a university restaurant and various community facilities for Lyon 2 University students.

My signage for this student hub goes beyond directional; it acts as a visual roadmap, leading you through a center of innovation, learning, and community. Vibrant colors and ribbon-like shapes echo the building's design. Die-cut adhesives on walls and carefully designed cafeteria furniture serve as a compass, playing a role in shaping the Maison de l’Etudiant into a space where ideas thrive and friendships flourish.

Architect: AFAA
Art direction: JM

Elementary school signage
Montagny, France

I have been in charge of the creation of the signage system for the newly-built elementary school. The rounded children-sized characters interact with architecture elements, bring colour, and animate the new venue. 

Much attention was put into characters manufacturing details, a long process for a perfectly suited signage for this beautifully crafted school.

Architect: AFAA
Art direction: JM

Lyon Part-Dieu library signage
Lyon, France

The new Eastern entrance of the Lyon Part-Dieu library built in 2007 connects the Lyon Part-Dieu business center to the existing library built in 1972 (one of the biggest of its kind in Europe). It is a wide open window onto the hectic Lyon Part-Dieu area, at the confluence of trains, tramway, travellers and workers, culture and consumption.

The signage system I created for the new entrance makes visible the captured energy of the library surroundings echoing within the venue.

Architect: AFAA
Art direction: JM
Photos: Florent Michel (11h45)

Collège Clémenceau signage
Lyon, France

This meticulously crafted signage system was designed exclusively for a junior high school in France.  The large scale signage finds it’s inspirations in the scattered aspect of the outer shell of the original building.

Architect: AFAAArt direction: JM

UltraSuperNew interior & signage
Tokyo, Japan

The freshly created UltraSuperNew gallery & studio urgently needed an interior revamp and signage, as well as for its grand opening night. Done with very lmited budget and a great deal of hand crafting!

Art direction: JM
Furniture: Notcho’s Workshop

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